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News Updates November 30th 2023

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Entering the holiday season, here are some news items for the Oakmont Hiking Club -

1. BEAR COUNTRY: Yesterday I was very lucky to see my first bear in the wild, up somewhat close and personal. I was with a few other hikers including OHC member Bob Morse not far from the high point of the Oathill Mine Trail in Napa. He (or she) sure looked fit and healthy. Pictures - very handsome - are in the general forum.

2. TRINIGHTERS: Your board has been working on venues for Trinighters, and have established venues and dates for 2024. More details will be coming, but mark your calendars for April 15th- 18th, for a spring venture to Chico and the surrounding area. For preliminary information and the ability to reserve an economically priced room (easily cancelled if your plans change), please see the post by Florentia Scott.

For the fall, we are going to a new location for us, the Half Moon Bay area, and hope for some beautiful fall weather on the coast. The dates there will be October 14th - 17th. Gary Andersen

has things well in hand, and we will post more once the spring event has been launched.

3. POT LUCK DINNER: After the Holidays are over there is one more thing... January 6th the OHC Pot Luck Dinner Mark this on your calendar and be sure to follow the information to be posted soon. We will have a speaker - Melissa Kelly - from Sonoma Regional Parks.

4. WEBSITE UPDATES - MAPS: You may have noticed that for some time at the bottom of the home page there is an interactive map of the state of fall colors throughout California. This was created using Google Maps by a user, and is supposedly updated every Friday. Also I have posted at the bottom of the "Parks" page an interactive Google Maps map of the immediate Oakmont area showing park entrances and lots of other information. Please let me have any feedback on that, it will get updates. With both maps, click on the top left icon to open the legend, but better is to click on the top right icon to open the whole thing full screen in a new window, and remember to click on any legend item for more information.

5. PROFILES: Please feel free to update your profiles on the website with a picture so people can put names to faces when we try to recall who we've met, and if you didn't do so when creating your account, add emergency contact info. Just click on the picture or name at the top right when you are logged in and then "profile".

6. SHOPPING: Don't forget to pop into our online shop for OHC his and hers apparel and accessories. It's no longer required to collect a batch order, just order whatever you need, including name badges. Check out the back of the "banana slug" tees!

Happy Hiking!

See you on the trails


Emergency contact and medical info on your phone These days it is most common for people to have basic information available to others on their phone. But you must first set it up. Its very easy to do. Jeff has placed a couple of short video clips on the website home page, for android or apple. We strongly recommend this, first responders look for this first before any other way of trying to find about your emergency contact, allergies, meds etc. If you should be unconscious, and your companions, if any, may not be relied upon to be aware of your info. If you are concerned about privacy, be aware that anyone can access it, but think of it in the same category as carrying your driver's license, only more useful. Here's a longer "Tech for Seniors" video that sets the scene On Android phones just go to "settings" or the cogwheel app, then "Safety & Emergency" and set up the info, and whether to release your location etc.

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